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Incorporating exercise and stretching programs with your chiropractic adjustments

Improves overall daily function

Decrease swelling

Helps to hold adjustments longer

Improve mobility and flexibility

Improve muscle imbalances which contribute to the original dysfunction.



1. It will go away if I ignore it.
2. I'll just take some Ibuprofen.
3. I'm fine. My back doesn't hurt at all.
4. It's too late. I'm too old to get better.
5. I can "crack" my own back.
6. My doctor says there's nothing else I can do.
7. I went to a chiropractor once and he fixed me.
8. I'm healthy. I'm not taking any medications at all.
9. I'm too busy. I'll do it next week.
10. My wife/husband doesn't believe in it.

Make yourself a priority and get the care you need and deserve. Excuses only delay your progress.


What is a subluxation?

The word "subluxation" comes from the Latin words meaning "to dislocate" (luxate) and "somewhat or slightly" (sub). A subluxation means a slight dislocation (misalignment) or biomechanical malfunctioning of the vertebrae (bones of the spine). These disturbances may irritate nerve roots and blood vessels which branch off from the spinal cord between each of the vertebrae. This irritation may cause pain and dysfunction in muscle, lymphatic and organ tissue as well as imbalance in the normal body processes.